My Health – Anirudh Seshadri

The first five graphs above were hard/explicit metrics I collated over a span of two weeks that I thought could best represent my health every day. The five categories were the amount of times I looked at my phone for more than 3 minutes, how many fruits I had eaten, how much water I had drank, my average heart rate, and the amount of sleep I got the previous night.

By taking these metrics and standardizing them (higher values of negative metrics i.e. times I looked at my phone and heart rate were made negative and vice versa) I was able to create a 0 to 1 range of my health for that day

This is reflected in my sixth graph showing my health per day. It accurately shows my health where, on days where I drank lots of water and ate plenty of fruits, my health was high.

Now looking at the data in front of me, I realize I need to make my health a larger priority and stay consistently high throughout the week. These metrics turned out to be great tools for measuring health because now I know exactly what I need to improve on to increase my health quotient for that day. I was able to effecitvely answer my question of whether my habits were conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

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