“Don’t worry, be happy” – Anirudh Seshadri

The triptych above is a simple sequence of events. A man is sad, someone lifts up the ends of his mouth into a smile, and he stays there smiling.

When thinking of ideas, I thought about my week and how draining it was. Naturally, I thought that this was what the rest of my semester would look like, and because of this, on a Friday night, I was feeling sad with a bleak outlook on the next few months.

The next morning, I decided to just not be sad. I smiled in the mirror for ten seconds and went about my Saturday morning. Making that small decision to just begin smiling made my day so much better and was the inspiration for the triptych.

I think the minimalist style conveys a strong message to the reader. There aren’t any hidden clues or flamboyant imagery that symbolize something, it’s just telling you “Don’t worry, be happy.”

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