Chest In The Woods – Anirudh Seshadri

While looking for items to incorporate into a drawing, I searched for significant objects like water bottles, pencils, and playing cards; things that held value to me and would have caught my eye. Instead, however, I decided to go with something inconspicuous, something that I rarely noticed sitting on the right corner of my desk. This item was a lanyard hook, which just so happened to look like a key port. With this minimal inspiration, I drew a typical chest with a circle in the center to hold the key port. I began sketching around it, putting whatever came into my head onto the paper, and soon enough I had a basic “forest” theme for my drawing. I ran with it by drawing trees, creeping vines, shrubs, and so forth. By end of it, I had incorporated an insignificant lanyard hook into an elaborate “forest” themed drawing.

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