Hi! My name is Anirudh Seshadri. I am a Freshman at Emory University in Georgia Atlanta. The image above is a mashup drawing I made of me and my favorite anime character Levi Ackerman. I was drawn to him due to his stoic attitude and ability to handle pressure well. I try to emulate these characteristics as much as possible and thought it would only be appropriate to combine the two of us for my website avatar.

The toughest part about drawing my avatar was the self-reflection. There have been very few times in my life that I have had to describe myself or look at myself and draw something. It was tough to point out distinguishing features about myself and add them onto the drawing because I never notice anything remarkable (Staring at one’s face everyday for over 18 years does make it a difficult task).

2 responses to “Avatar”

  1. A nice drawing, and a good choice of drawing a well-written character of the undoubtedly best anime of all time. Hope you are enjoying the last season and good job!


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